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Guest Reviews of Matakana Country Lodge Boutique Hotel –
Guestbook and TripAdvisor Comments, Compliments & Recommendations About the Matakana Country Lodge

From an owner’s point of view, a stay at the Matakana Country Lodge is like a stay in paradise. But we’re a little biased.

Most guests prefer to find out what to expect from our boutique hotel accommodation from other guests who have stayed here. This is the hub where you can connect with prior guests via Trip Advisor, our Online Guest Book, our Pinterest Guest Photo Gallery pinboard, and our interactive global guest map.

Click any of the images below to see what our guests have to say about their visit to Matakana in general and their stay at the Matakana Country Lodge in particular. Then click here to see more of the Matakana Country Lodge accommodation amenities and photos >>

Online Guest Book
It’s a wonderful innovation of technology which allows people from around the world to peek inside of the in-room guestbooks where Matakana Country Lodge visitors write their comments before they leave the property. Click here to read over the shoulders of our guests at what they wrote before they left in our online guest book >>
Trip Advisor Guest Reviews of Matakana Country Lodge
With 60 million visitors per month and 75 million travel reviews, Trip Advisor is the go-to resource for worldwide travelers who want advice and opinions from other fellow travelers. Click here to check out the latest Matakana Country Lodge Reviews on Trip Advisor >>
Our Global Guests
The Matakana wine region and the Matakana Country Lodge are destinations for travelers from around the world. Click here to check out this interactive world map which pinpoints where in the world Matakana Country Lodge guests come from.
Guest Photos & Reviews on Pinterest
Matakana area visitors rarely go home without some beautiful photos to remind them of their Matakana holiday. We’ve used the magic of Pinterest to collect some of those guest photos in a photo gallery that all past and future Matakana Country Lodge guests can enjoy. Click here to view our guest photos and reviews >>

If you would like to add comments about your positive experience at the Matakana Country Lodge to TripAdvisor, click here >>

If you have any suggestions about how to improve the Matakana Country Lodge experience, please e-mail us directly at We are committed to making stays at the Matakana Country Lodge the best they can be, and feedback from our guests helps us with our continuous improvement.

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