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The Beautiful Matakana 2013 Summer Weather Is Welcome By Auckland Getaway Visitors and International Tourists – Worth the Extra Effort for Matakana Country Lodge Guests

The beautifully stunning Matakana Summer 2013 season weather has been welcome by all visitors to the Matakana Country Wine region. Both Auckland area getaway visitors and long-term international tourists can’t stop raving about how stunning the weather has been on the North Island of New Zealand this year. Until two days ago, we hadn’t seen any rain in Matakana since Christmas! That’s a long stretch of gorgeous Matakana sunshine.

Of course, while beautiful sunny days are good for tourism, the lack of rain creates a lack of water in the entire Auckland region, which can be a slight challenge when you own a getaway accommodation property in the Matakana Wine Region that is on tank water.

So the water truck that rolled up our driveway this morning was a welcome sight, and the water delivery man has become our constant companion and new best friend. Mr. Water Delivery probably puts his truck on automatic pilot, since this is his eighth time visiting us this summer season!

I have to admit we were sweating it out a little bit when the Matakana are bush fire was burning because the Lodge was fully booked, and helicopters with monsoon buckets full of water were flying over our property constantly for several days in a row. We kept looking up and wondering if there was going to be any water available for little old Matakana Country Lodge when we needed it.

We’re happy to report that the helicopters didn’t have to steal our pool water, the Matakana Country Lodge guests never had to bathe in the pond, and the water truck did manage to come fill up our water tank in plenty of time. And we’ve been practicing our rain dance ever since.

By the way, our American visitor tells us that there was a scientific study conducted in the U.S. with native American Indians which proved that the rain dances they perform on their reservations are 100% effective. That means 100% of the time when rain dances are performed, they DO result in rain.

The reason behind this astonishing success rate and this perfect track record?

It’s because they don’t stop dancing until it rains.

Think about it.

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