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Matakana 2013 Fruitloop Run & Walk –
Things to Do and Summer Events in Matakana Wine Country
Near Auckland, New Zealand

The Matakana Fruit Loops Race & Charity Walk Event is fairly new to the Matkana area, and was started just three years ago to raise funds for some local causes. It’s evolving into one of the most popular and most fun summer things to do in the Matakana wine region!

The “Fruitloop” name of the event has nothing to do with the American breakfast cereal! Fruitloop is actually a reference to the course where the race, fun-run, and walk takes place, which winds its way through Matakana area vineyards, olive tree fields, and the largest mandarin orchard in all of New Zealand. Looping through the fruit – get it?

And as long as everybody’s looping through the fruit, why not dress up in some crazy costumes and BE fruitloopy too? At least one of the Fruitloop organizers thought this would be a good idea. Apparently about half of the participants agreed because they turned up in their fruitloop finest. Keeping with the theme of the event, I saw people dressed up as grapes, oranges, bananas, and, of course, dressed as the cutlery to eat them all the others with (thus the fork and spoon photo above.) It was all great fruitloopy fun!

The weather was bright and sunny, the scenery along the course was gorgeous, the costumes were funny, the entertainment along the way was quite entertaining and I doubled my walking time by stopping to take lots of photos. I put them all my Fruitloops photos on a Pinterest board, so you can click any of the photos below to view them all…

SAD BUT TRUE TIME - Hard to admit that it took this long to walk 7K, but between the hills, photos, entertainment, refreshments, and the visit with goat owners, the >> read more >>
Thu, Mar 07, 2013
Fruitloop Pinterest
FRUITLOOP FINISH! - We Fruitlooped our way through a really unique path, enjoyed the stunning scenery, and finished where we began. This was my first Fruitloop experience, but I will >> read more >>
Thu, Mar 07, 2013
Fruitloop Pinterest
NEW ZEALAND BAGPIPERS - One cool moment was on the last hill of the Fruitloop event. We could hear bagpipe music at a distance, rounded a corner and perched on >> read more >>
Thu, Mar 07, 2013
Fruitloop Pinterest

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