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Matakana Country Lodge in the News – TVNZ Report of Matakana Area Fires Includes Photo Taken from Matakana Country Lodge

Matakana Country Lodge was in the news this weekend!

If you’ve been following the news about what’s been happening north of Auckland, then you know that there has been a big fire burning in the Matakana area for a few days. We are happy to report that even though the fires are still burning, Matakana Country Lodge is not in the path of the fire and was not under any serious threat from it over the weekend. Thank goodness!

We did get into the news, however, because reporters have been calling us to try to get information about the fire’s location and direction. TVNZ is using the photo above that was snapped from the circular driveway in front of the Lodge on its news website. There was surprisingly little news coverage of the fires, and it was difficult to get close to it by car, so our vantage point made us the source of information. So we felt like the unofficial civil defense hub for a while!

There was a full house at Matakana Country Lodge all weekend, and the Lodge guests decided they’d better use the pool and the spa in case the fire brigade helicopters came with their monsoon buckets to steal it at some point. We were happy that the pool party lasted into the wee hours and that the guests were laughing instead of unnecessarily worrying.

As of right now, the fires are still burning. We can’t see or smell the smoke any more, but we can still hear the helicopters which have been working almost 24/7 for several days to put the fires out. Thank you helicopter fire brigade!

Now we have our fingers crossed that our water tank delivery arrives as scheduled. It’s been a busy and eventful weekend at the Matakana Country Lodge!

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