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New Zealand’s Famous Pink Sheep Are Not a New Breed – See Pink Sheep Show Attraction at Sheep World in Warkworth/Matakana, NZ

Did you know that there are pink sheep in New Zealand? There are! They are located at the Sheep World attraction in the Warkworth / Matakana area, which is a theme park of sorts themed, of course, around sheep.

After taking a guest on a road trip to the Bay of Islands, we decided to make a stop and check out the pink sheep at Sheep World a few days ago. If you’re not aware of it, the owners of Sheep World decided to dye their sheep bright pink to attract attention from passing traffic in the hopes that these people would come in and watch one of their Sheep World shows.

We didn’t stop for a show that day, but I’ve been to a Sheep World show before and can highly recommend them to our guests who want to experience shearing of a sheep and watching the sheep dogs be put through their shepherding routine.

If you’ve never seen sheep shearing before, you might feel sorry for the sheep, however they feel no pain, they just look stupid afterwards because they’re bald.

The wool is used for making sheepskin rugs, Ugg boots, sweaters/jumpers, and most popular to tourists are mattress pads, which all can be purchased on site at the Sheep World Gift Shop.

My guest asked if the pink sheep were a different breed of sheep, which just goes to show that she lives in the U.S. where they have very few sheep. Actually, the owners use food coloring to dye the wool, which is, of course, not harmful at all to the sheep.

These sheep have made the front cover of a newspaper in the UK after someone had written a blog post about them. This was great advertising for both Sheep World and for the Matakana area.

Sheep World is located just 15 minutes drive from the Matakana Country Lodge. Guests heading north to the Bay of Islands should make a point of stopping in and catching a sheep show, or at the very least, take a photo to show to the family when you get home to prove that you are not lying when you say there are pink sheep in New Zealand!

If you want to find out more about Matakana area attractions and things to do, you can click here.

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