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Best Matakana Food & Wine, Cafes, Pubs, Vineyards & Fine Dining Experiences – Restaurants in the Matakana Coast Wine Region

From roadside fresh produce stands to family owned cafes, local pubs, wine tasting platters, and multi-course fine dining experiences, Matakana is a destination for both food and wine lovers.

Eating out is one of the many pleasures of the Matakana Country Lodge guests (and the Matakana Country Lodge owners)!

We have experienced firsthand what most of the cafes, restaurants, and vineyards in the area have to offer. We have learnt from experience that it is important to know a dining establishment and the type of cuisine they serve so that when asked by our guests for recommendations, we feel confident that we are steering them towards the best restaurant options and best dining experiences.

The choices for Matakana area dining are abundant. There’s fine dining for those special occasions, casual restaurants and cafes for those less formal meals, and pubs where you are sure to find the good old kiwi favourite, fish & chips.

A number of vineyards in the area serve magnificent platters which often include fresh produce grown in Matakana. Not only is the food (and wine) delicious, it is served in spectacular dining locations with amazing views.

We recommend making reservations (for dinner in particular) and we are happy to make those reservations for you. It’s all part of the service we provide our guests. Of course, your stay at the Matakana Country Lodge includes Happy Hour drinks and nibbles in the evening, and a freshly cooked homemade breakfast. Click here for all amenities for Matakana Country Lodge guests >>

You can see of the best of Matakana food & wine, cafes, pubs, fine dining and restaurants on our Pinterest Matkana Restaurants & Food Board by clicking any of the photos below…

CHARLIE'S YUM GELATO - One of my favourite places ever - Charlie's Gelato Garden near Matakana - has Easter Egg and Easter Bun gelato for April. Sooo gotta go get >> read more >>
Sat, Feb 02, 2013
Matakana Area Restaurants
MATAKANA BEST TREAT - Charlie's Gelato Garden in Matakana - We take or send just about everybody there and nobody is every disappointed! More best Matakana area local food >> read more >>
Sat, Feb 02, 2013
Matakana Area Restaurants
MATAKANA FINE DINING - The grand fireplace at The Stables Restaurant in Matakana allows an enjoyable dining experience and casual yet sophisticated ambiance throughout the whole year. Get more >> read more >>
Sat, Feb 02, 2013
Matakana Area Restaurants

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