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Matakana Country Lodge Guests From Around the World –
Home Locations of World Travelers Who Visited the
Matakana Wine Region of Auckland, New Zealand

One of the things that Garth and I like best is being able to meet travelers from around the world and find out more about their home locations and what it is that brought them to visit the Matakana Wine Region of New Zealand. We never know what combination of people from around the world are going to be sharing stories with each other over Happy Hour drinks and breakfast, but it’s always a surprising and delightful mix!

Where in the world do Matakana Country Lodge guests come from? We thought it would be fun to create a map to show the locations of some of our guests. If you don’t see your pin, it’s probably because you haven’t visited us yet at the Matakana Country Lodge! Click here for more info about our boutique lodge accommodations >>

The map below is interactive, so you can click the pins, zoom in, and move the map in all directions. Have fun.. and then come see us so we can add your pin!


More About Matakana Country Lodge Guests and Accommodations:


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