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Matakana Country Lodge Accommodation Details –
Auckland Area Luxury Boutique Accommodation in the Matakana Wine Country Region

Matakana Country Lodge is a luxury boutique hotel facility located in the Wine Country Region, with central access to the best vineyards, beaches, galleries, and restaurants that an Auckland getaway can offer. Offering three beautifully appointed guest rooms, the Matakana Country Lodge provides a pastoral country setting, spectacular wine country views, and a relaxing intimate setting for adult guests.

Champagne Room

The Champagne Room provides the kind of ultimate luxury that guests want for honeymoons, special occasions, celebrations, and romantic getaways, weekends, and holidays. This is a spacious suite with five-star amenities.

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Chardonnay Room

Stunning views of Matakana vineyards, sunrises, and the courtyard gardens of the Matakana Country Lodge are the main feature of the Chardonnay Room at the Matakana Country Lodge in the heart of the Matakana Wine Region.

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Chablis Room

Quaint, cozy, and comfortable are the words that guests use to describe the Chablis Room. If relaxation and comfort in a bright, airy setting are what you want when you visit the Matakana Wine Region, then the Chablis Room is what you’re looking for.

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